Pandora’s box highlights houseguests’ greed as POV leaves Jeff and Jordan up for eviction

In this hit or miss season of Big Brother, last night’s episode was definitely a hit, thanks to the mystery room in the HOH room. When Kevin saw the door with the question mark on it, he screeched and said of the door, “Oh my god, I’m so scared.” Scary door!

That “Pandora’s box” had the potential to be good or bad for the whole house, and Kevin went for it, sticking his hand into a hole in a box, because doing so would “release $10,000.” Kevin shrieked because his hand got caught in the hole–how much do you want to bet that there was an intern sitting in the box holding Kevin’s hand?–while he watched on a nearby TV as $10,000 in one dollar bills rain down in the back yard.

Of course, the greedy houseguests started grabbing the cash, stuffing it into whatever they could find, including their clothes, all while Kevin watched, paying the price for his own greed. “This has never happened in my whole life,” Natalie said. But that’s because she’s 18, and it’s only when you’re in your 20s that cash rains from the sky.

Overall, it was a great game; if only the regular challenges used that much imagination. It got even better once Kevin was told that a key hidden in the house would release him. Kevin’s quick thinking led him to get Natalie’s attention and tell her, “The only way you can keep the money is if you find the key.” In other words, he tied their greed to his freedom, which was a fantastic strategy.

It didn’t quite work, though, as Natalie immediately went back out to get more money (“I will, after I get some cash”), and Jeff did the same thing after Kevin told him the same story. Ultimately, Jeff gave up the key, and Kevin freed himself and was able to collect some money. Overall, Jordan got $1,726, Natalie $1,904, Michele $2,563, Jeff $3,181, and Kevin just $626.

Later, producers resurrected the identify-the-combined-faces challenge for the POV, although they gave it an alien theme this time. And I don’t know what Laura did to piss off the producers, but more than one houseguest referenced her “horse teeth,” which were abnormally large on the face that appeared on the monitor.

Michele won and saved herself, and Jeff reacted maturely, telling her, “Get away from me” after the competition, and then he went to the couches to pout. Later, after Kevin nominated Jordan in Michele’s place, Jeff said, “I have to deal with the consequences,” and that means this season’s quasi-showmance will be broken up Thursday. Should have stuck with your alliance, dude.

Oh, exciting news for Thursday: Natalie plans to “to fight 100 percent” to win HOH. As Kevin pointed out, “Oh, Natalie. She keeps saying that she’s going to win next week … but Natalie hasn’t won anything.”

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