Jordan and Kevin will compete for final HOH, and viewers will get a jury vote

The three remaining Big Brother 11 houseguests are indeed staying locked inside until Tuesday’s finale, and viewers will be able to cast a collective vote to break a possible jury tie.

Why keep all three in the house? I think it’s because watching two people mope around the house for a week is pretty dreadful, and because producers need content to fill the two-hour finale Tuesday after essentially skipping Sunday, which is a clip show. There was barely enough to fill Thursday’s episode, even with the return of four former contestants that made me actually wish we could see Natalie instead of watching them pontificating on the show. The two-hour finale Tuesday will now have the final HOH competition, the eviction of the final jury member, and presumably the jury Q&A. After the vote, there will be a reunion of some kind.

Because all three are staying, the final America’s Choice vote, which will count as the seventh jury vote, actually is for three separate scenarios (each possible final-two pair), because it will be too late for us to vote once the final two are solidified. Also, it’s a nice way for producers to gather another dollar for each text message vote.

Meanwhile, little Natalie continued to entertain/annoy on Thursday night, like when Julie Chen revealed that they were all staying. Natalie whined, “I just packed all my stuff!” Then seconds after complaining, she lied, “I’m not complaining.”

Julie Chen also smacked Natalie down after the second, live HOH competition.
Natalie lost that competition to someone who can’t tell time, but that’s because Natalie had no idea she was the 10th and final HOH. Yes, they had to remember the order of HOHs, and Natalie, having gotten off track, didn’t even get her own HOH right. Jordan easily beat her with nine instead of five correct answers.

But the pathological liar insisted to Julie that the game was mental and “I knew every order.” Julie said immediately, “it was mental and physical, actually.” I wish Chenbot had said something like, “Actually, you didn’t know the order, you liar,” but I’ll take all that anti-Natalie commentary I can get. That includes Kevin lying to Natalie, which was kind of awesome, as he swore on “my man, my everything, my life” that he’d take her to the final two as a way of getting her to quit the first HOH competition. Then he told us, “my word means nothing in this game” and he plans to “boot this biznatch out of this house.”

Meanwhile, I was surprised to learn that Natalie was able to articulate exactly what I feel about her. Natalie said, “I just don’t like the girl. I seriously have a lot of hatred toward her, and every time I would see her or I would hear her voice, I would boil up inside.” Alas, Natalie was talking about Michelle, not herself, but I sense some real growth there.

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