Final three will stay in Big Brother house until Tuesday’s live finale

Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan may all stay in the Big Brother house until next Tuesday’s live finale, according to a report. That means the final HOH will announce their decision live, and whoever gets voted out won’t spend time in the jury house before joining the jury.

That’s according to a report in The Wrap, which after their embarrassingly shoddy reality TV suicide story, I would tend to discount, except this comes in a story by their new columnist, well-respected TV journalist Joe Adalian. He talked to executive producer Allison Grodner about this season, and she says the Pandora’s box twist “played into some of the drama here.”

Elsewhere in the story, he reports that “[o]ne thing Grodner won’t comment on: Insider reports that producers have decided to shake up the structure of the final days of the game. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show.”

Also of interest: Allison Grodner responds to allegations that producers interfere with the game with a joke that won’t do anything to assuage conspiracy theorists. She said, “If the game were fixed, it’s very possible America’s favorites might very well be in it” (Adalian attributes the line as “Grodner laughs”).

Whoa, ‘Brother’: Exclusive Details on the Final Eviction…and a Contest! [The Wrap]

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