Country singer Kevin Skinner wins America’s Got Talent 4 during highest-rated episode ever

For the fourth season in a row, viewers have voted for a singing act to win America’s Got Talent 4. Chicken farmer and country singer Kevin Skinner won $1 million and his own Las Vegas show. Here’s his final performance. Ugh. Who wants to go to Vegas to see karaoke?

He beat opera singer Barbara Padilla, who’s a far better singer. The most Vegas-like performative act, Recycled Percussion, came in third (their finale performance, followed by the Texas Tenors and sibling singers Voices of Glory.

The finale–on which Susan Boyle performed–had the show’s most-watched episode ever, and improved over last season’s finale in the ratings. It “was up 6% in 18-49 and 24% in total viewers vs. its year-ago finale, racking up the show’s largest audience ever,” Variety reported.

I don’t quite get the show; some of the acts are entertaining, but its progression is tedious, and feels like watching the (old) semi-final rounds of American Idol for three months. But perhaps between Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, I’ve just maxed out my quotient for similarly structured talent competitions. Especially ones that have viewers with such bad taste.

‘Talent’ finale tops Wednesday ratings [Variety]

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