Jim Verraros getting married Sunday to a man he met on MySpace

If you’re holding on to a reality star crush and wondering if you should just go for it and send them a message on MySpace or Facebook or Twitter or FacespaceTwitplace, give it a shot: Communicating with an American Idol star worked for Bill Brennan, who’s marrying first-season finalist Jim Verraros this weekend.

On their wedding web site, Jim’s about-to-be husband Bill Brennan, who’s 43, explains how they met on MySpace four years ago: “I can tell you that when I sent a message to Jim’s MySpace account, I thought based on his First Season of American Idol fame and the fact that he was an actor and recording artist, that I would never get a response or perhaps hear from his ‘management’ or ‘handlers’ with some sort of generic “fan” message. I mean he did have 10,000 friends!! But to my surprise, I heard back from Jim in an hour or two and we somehow connected immediately. We would soon find out that our lives and pasts were in some way running in parallel universes, but in different decades. And we lived only 20 minutes apart.”

Jim, who was the first American Idol to come out as gay (although he came out well after the show aired), adds to the story, “[Because] I had gotten so many messages through Myspace, I wasn’t sure how to respond to Bill’s. I read over his profile first, of course (to see if we had anything in common, or if he was a weirdo) and most of what he had on his profile enticed me.” They met, and Jim writes, “Bill is quite honestly the most loving, loyal, funny, warm, personable, honest and caring human being I’ve ever met and because of his years, I’ve been able to learn and grow so much as a person since we’ve been together.”

They’re having their ceremony in Illinois, where gay marriage isn’t legal. Jim writes, “I knew with Bill that I wanted to ‘marry,’ him. I put ‘marry,’ only because, sadly it isn’t legal in Illinois yet, but we’re hopeful that the time is near.”

Jim Verraros & Bill Brennan [MyWedding]

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