Real World Sydney’s Isaac was in the UK’s Big Brother house

Last week, Real World Sydney star Isaac Stout joined the UK’s Big Brother cast, visiting houseguest Noirin Kelly, who he dated while on MTV show in Australia. He left voluntarily two days later, on Friday, when she was evicted.

The Daily Mail recaps how he joined the cast and the drama associated with that, while Noirin told Digital Spy, “We made a decision that he’s not going to stay. The only reason he came here was to be with me and get me away from Siavash. If he wants to stay, he wants to stay, because he thinks he might win.”

While they were on the show, she asked him, according to The Sun, “Remember I made you watch an entire episode?” and Isaac said, “Yes, and I thought it was shit.” He then said he wouldn’t be watching because he “watches TV to be entertained.”

Hey, that’s exactly how I feel about his show.

Heartless Noirin dumps Siavash and leaps into the arms of her ex as he enters the house [Daily Mail]
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