Rachel Campos-Duffy’s book out today, is a “love letter to at-home moms”

Real World San Francisco star Rachel Campos-Duffy has a book out Tuesday called Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood, and it’s “a love letter to at-home moms,” she told the Duluth News Tribune. Rachel, of course, is the mother of five pure Real World spawn, since her husband is Real World Boston cast member Sean Duffy, who is running for Congress.

Rachel said her book “isn’t about whether to be an at-home mother or not” but says “if you’ve chosen to be an at-home mom or it chooses you — like happened to me — how to do it joyfully so you and your kids look back on the time with really.” She adds, “I make no judgment about what works for other families. What’s not discussed, what’s not focused on, and what I think is the missing component of the whole at-home mom experience is the pleasure that it brings the woman herself.”

Her expertise comes from her life experiences and the fact that she’s “AOL’s parenting expert,” according to the book’s promotional material, because she’s taught women how to be a good hostess and transitioning from summer to fall.

Also in the newspaper’s interview, Rachel said she still gets stopped in airports: “I could have a column — I can do anything in the world, and people are way more interested in what it was like to be on the ‘Real World.’ It’s something I’ve embraced. It’s something in my life.” As to her chosen path, Rachel said, “I really like what I do,” but “when I express that, whether through my blog or in my book, people kind of look at me like either I’m crazy or I’m a Stepford wife.”

I vote for just crazy, and those looks probably have nothing to do with her at-home parenting.

‘Real World’ star from Wisconsin praises motherhood in new book [Duluth News Tribune]

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