Bronne evicted from Real World Cancun house after Joey was fired and sent home

Two cast members were forced to leave The Real World Cancun‘s house in the past few weeks, but one is still on the show. That leaves six people in the house.

Joey was fired from the cast’s fake job at StudentCity, and he was forced to leave Cancun. On last night’s episode, Bronne threw a fire extinguisher into the pool from a balcony and was evicted from the hotel suite they call home.

I won’t pretend I still watch this show, as my capacity for immature behavior aged and has been transferred to The Real Housewives franchise; I now find 30+ something people with actual lives getting drunk and behaving badly to be far more entertaining than 20-something people with no lives getting drunk and behaving badly.

Maybe as an indication of how little people care about this series, I couldn’t find much about his actual firing; there seem to be more blog posts about whether he would get fired. I did find a single sentence on ohnotheydidnt, which took a break from stealing blog posts from other sites to do this original reporting: “Joey was sent home from Cancun after missing another shift due to not hearing the alarm that CJ set.”

As to Wednesday’s events, MTV’s blog says Bronne “owned up to his CHILDISH/RECKLESS/DEMENTED behavior (unlike some people we know) and apologized to the manager for being such a STUPID MONKEYBRAIN” and MTV’s blogger is “pretty unhappy about seeing Bronne have to suffer in a barely three-star hotel.”

Another MTV blogger says this now leaves the house with “a snoozy, 4-gal sixsome” and “the RW: Cancun digs could use a little more testerone” because the women are “living with a snippy gay guy and a dude who makes Dwayne from The Office look smooth.”

Dwayne from The Office? Stupid monkeybrain? Wow, MTV’s blog is as mindless and annoying as The Real World.

Banished! Bronne’s Five-Star Hotel Days Are O-V-E-R and Two Guys Left! Does RW: Cancun Need Another Dude? [MTV]

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