Sheree’s fight makes Atlanta Housewives’ debut the franchise’s highest-rated ever

America can’t get enough of Bravo’s batshit crazy housewives on its Real Housewives franchise. Thursday’s debut of the second season of the Atlanta installment was “the highest rated series premiere in “Real Housewives” franchise history” and “the highest rated Thursday in primetime in network history,” according to a Bravo press release.

Compared to its first season premiere, it had “a 289 percent increase among adults 18-49″ … and a 305 percent increase among total viewers,” Bravo said. The network added together viewers from the 10 p.m. debut and 11 p.m. repeat to say that 3.98 million watched, 2.65 million of whom were 18 to 49.

What drew viewers? A lot of craziness, which is recapped in-depth by B-Side, but all you really need to see is this scene with Sheree Whitfield confronting her party planner Anthony, who starts off with enough craziness that it could be an audition to get himself a permanent role on the show:

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