The Mole’s first season is on Hulu

If you’ve never watched The Mole, you now officially have no excuse. The entire first season, which has been on DVD for some time, is now available for free on Hulu. Hopefully, season two will follow, although it has never been released on DVD, so there could be rights issues.

While the series first debuted eight and a half years ago (!), it holds up surprisingly well, which isn’t true of all shows (the first season of Survivor, for example, seems like it belongs to a different era, with an odd pace and bizarre stuff like the treasure chest full of fake cash).

Despite the mediocre attempt to revive the series last summer, never mind the two celebrity editions, only the first two seasons really worked completely. In part that’s because they had Anderson Cooper as their host, and he was integral to its success, but also because the producer and network never really spent the money or time or creativity to duplicate what worked in the first two seasons.

So whether you’ve seen it or not, watch the first episode of season one right now, right here (expand to full-size using the button in the upper-right corner), and just try not to get hooked (again) on the smart game, the thrilling and mysterious soundtrack, the stunning locations, and Anderson Cooper’s pre-CNN wit:

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