Richard Hatch arrested, back in jail

Richard Hatch is back in jail after being arrested following his Today Show interview this morning. He was on house arrest finishing his four-month sentence, but is now in jail for an unknown reason.

The Today Show’s web site reports that “Traci Billingsley, a spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, told TODAY that her agency could not reveal specific information about Hatch’s situation, adding that there are a variety of reasons to return inmates from house arrest to confinement.” A sheriff’s office spokesperson said, “We just don’t have the same kind of details on the federal inmates we book as we do with the regular city and county inmates. It’s got to be that he violated some kind of condition. There’s no other reason this would have happened.”

Meanwhile, U.S. attorney Robert Clark Corrente responded to Hatch’s accusations this morning that he was targeted for prosecution and treated unfairly during the trial, including because he was gay. “The guy is delusional. I think it’s preposterous. The evidence was this guy got a 6-foot Styrofoam check for $1 million on national television and never paid his taxes. It wasn’t really that complicated. His sexual orientation didn’t have anything to do with it,” Corrente told the Providence Journal.

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