Hatch is back in jail because he didn’t get permission for Access Hollywood interview

Richard Hatch was sent back to jail because he talked to Access Hollywood without permission. If only that happened with every person that went on tabloid TV, we might quickly rid ourselves of an annoying genre.

Inmates on house arrest have to get media appearances approved by the federal Bureau of Prisons, and while Hatch got permission to appear on The Today Show, he didn’t get permission for interviews with NBC Universal-owned Access Hollywood nor a local NBC affiliate. “Hatch’s lawyer, Cynthia Ribas, said she had thought the permission Hatch got extended to all NBC properties, but federal rules consider each media outlet separate,” according to the AP, and now “could be moved back to a prison, to a halfway house or returned to home confinement after a hearing with a disciplinary officer.”

Ribas said, “I think this is a little misunderstanding that really has to do with the lawyer and the bureau and NBC’s communications.”

Or maybe it’s just that he can’t seem to follow directions. Ever.

Unapproved TV spots land ‘Survivor’ Hatch in jail [AP]

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