Nigel predicts Brandon or Jeanine victory for SYTYCD 5, but audience chants Evan’s name

The fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance concludes tonight, and whether viewers have selected their favorite dancer or the best dancer will be revealed at the end of a two-hour finale. At the conclusion of the performance show last night, Nigel Lythgoe predicted/hoped that either Brandon Bryant or Jeanine Mason would win, defeating Kayla Radomski and Evan Kasprzak, although earlier he said Kayla “justly deserves” to win.

He did not say that about Evan, who overall received the least glowing praise; Nigel called him “a lovely, lovely lad,” and his routines got the faintest praise or the most criticism, depending upon how you look at it. But the audience started chanting his name when Mary Murphy said Kalya stole the show in their dance, and that may be a clear sign of who will win tonight. Viewers seem to be having their way this season, eliminating Ade Obayomi last week despite conventional wisdom that he’d make it to the finals.

Tonight’s episode, by the way, may be the last chance to watch before Nigel Lythgoe ruins the show by hiring Paula Abdul as a judge and choreographer.

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