Justin Timberlake, Billy Joel refused to allow Kathy Griffin to use their phone calls on TV

Phone calls from Justin Timberlake and Billy Joel to Kathy Griffin’s celebrity guests on this past season of My Life on the D-List weren’t included on the show because neither would sign a release, she said Saturday during her tour appearance in Orlando.

As part of the quasi-chat show format, she had her guests call people she herself couldn’t get on the phone, like when Bette Midler called Stevie Nicks. While they were eating at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, T.I. called Justin Timberlake, but when he told Justin that he was doing Kathy’s show, Justin said, simply, “Oh,” and subsequently refused to sign the release.

During Kathy’s time with Paula Deen, the Food Network star called Billy Joel, but he, too, wouldn’t sign the show’s release, Kathy said. I’m paraphrasing, since Kathy revealed all of this during her first show in Orlando Saturday night, which I attended.

Her act, by the way, primarily focused on pop culture news from the past week, from her Teen Choice date with Levi Johnston to Jon and Kate’s drama. That was both impressive, since it was obviously new material, and disappointing, since it was nowhere near as funny as her stand-up special material about celebrity encounters. The part of her 90-minute act that seemed to get the best response was about her mother, Maggie, and her “nervous pills,” and it was hilarious, although Kathy’s Paula Abdul impression, which ended with her passing out, was a close second for me.

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