Kate Gosselin: “I feel like [the divorce] would have happened anyway, cameras on, cameras off”

Kate Gosselin was on The Today Show this morning, talking to Meredith Viera about rumors (“There is no affair.” “There is no condo. There is no apartment.”), whether or not the TLC show caused her marriage’s break-up (no), and why she did the show (love). Jon was going to appear on E! tonight to respond to Kate’s interview, but perhaps because she didn’t go on a Jon-attack, he cancelled, according to Us Weekly.

On Today, Kate said, “If you’re asking if this was an end result of the show, I feel like it would have happened anyway, cameras on, cameras off.” As to how she feels about what happened, she said, “I wake up and I do feel a lot of failure. This is not what any mother sets out for their children. It’s necessary. It has to take place. I think I’ve turned the focus on myself. I want my children to see a mother who’s committed to her children, who’s determined, who has integrity and perseverance and never gives up. Everything I’ve done for them is out of love.”

And products. And money. And logos to put on the kids. Don’t forget those.

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