Lou Diamond Phillips thinks Spencer Pratt is “hell-bent on wanting America to hate” him

Lou Diamond Phillips is grateful for the response to his time on I’m a Celebrity 2, but perhaps the people who got the most response from the show were Hills morons Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

While Lou told me that he is close friends with John Salle, Sanjaya, and others from the show–“I came away with some people I really want to know what’s going on in their lives”–that doesn’t include Heidi and Spencer. When we talked a few weeks ago and I asked about his charity, he said, “They’re a regional charity; unlike Heidi and Spencer, the money I raised for my charity actually means something to them.”

I asked about Heidi and Spencer and whether or not their antics–repeatedly quitting the show, acting like assholes–was scripted, or arranged with the producers, or genuine. His response was fascinating:

“All of those are questions I cannot answer because I don’t know. I really found myself questioning the whole situation, wondering what they were trying to put out. You saw my reactions on the show,” he said. “I have to say, if you’re putting on an act, you’re much better actors than I give you credit for, because you’re doing it 24/7. I actually think they live that.”

Most interestingly, he had some advice for Spencer. “To me, that’s a hard thing to live, trying to put out that persona and trying to be that person who is hell-bent on wanting America to hate you. I said to Spencer at one point, ‘If that’s what you want, you’re succeeding.’ I’d have to question the philosophy of doing that, because to me, this is a career, this is a life, and it’s something that you want to be doing for a long time. … You might make headlines for a few months, but after that, don’t you think you’re killing the golden goose?”

We can only hope that’s exactly what Spencer did.

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