Jessie evicted after Jeff used the coup d’etat, also nominating Natalie as Chima sat silently

The coup d’etat has finally been played on Big Brother, and although producers pre-taped Thursday’s typically live episode, there was zero drama related to that except for a few gasps. Chima did not have a meltdown and was particularly silent after having her work be undone by Jeff, who nominated Natalie and Jessie because they’d never been nominated but had been running the house, he said.

Jessie went home, although it was close, a 3-2 vote. Although I am thrilled Jessie and his gross body are leaving, it’s actually really terrible for the game, because the Russell-Jessie-Chima-Jeff interaction, strategy, and game play was just getting interesting. And Jessie was often the source of drama.

Speaking of drama, while Jessie was being a twit with the audience and being a lughead with Julie Chen, Chima said to Jeff, “looks like me and the producers need to have a little bit of a talk,” suggesting he’d told someone about the “wizard” power (as the houseguests were calling it) because he said he kept his word. As the show ended, she said, “you’re testing my patience” and threatened to start swearing if she wasn’t let inside. But in neither moment did she even raise her voice, so there was no Chima-ness at all.

The typically awful friends and family segment was about Chima and her drama, and it was awesome thanks to Chima’s awesome grandmother. “Arguments like this just get you nowhere,” her grandmother said while watching her fight with Russell, and then said Chima needs to “listen a little more and not be so sure about her judgment of things.” She also said “there should be some civility, I believe. You should not get personal. It’s gotten ugly, and I did not like that part of it at all.” (Of course, her grandaughter later called someone a terrorist.) I want Chima’s grandma as a houseguest next season.

Also Thursday night, there was the revelation of two made-up Big Brother rules: when Julie said Chima couldn’t vote after being overthrown, which makes some sense, and that both Chima and Jeff could become the next HoH, “because there is now officially no Head of Household,” which made no sense. If you overthrow the HoH, aren’t you the new HoH? Whatever.

Everyone played but Michele became the new HOH, which may or may not be interesting, considering she’s been a weak and irrational player. Maybe she’ll play erratically and give us some good television, because the two episodes before the coup d’etat didn’t give us much. During the not-live show, Natalie told Julie Chen, “definitely the most surprising this is the boredom,” Natalie said, apparently speaking for viewers. (Jeff, too, referenced the “down time,” although he almost called it a “mindfuck,” and Julie Chen said “don’t say it!” even though the episode was not live but pre-taped.)

The big problem with the week was we pretty much knew that Chima’s decisions as HOH were going to have no effect whatsoever, so the strategy was all going to be erased Thursday night. Jeff talked openly about using the coup during Sunday’s episode, so the only real question was who would win POV and keep themselves safe from Jeff’s brief HOH reign on Thursday. That, of course, was Kevin, who didn’t use it.

Still, there were a few notable moments this week. On Sunday’s episode, Chima told the others, “10 years ago, I was raped by a serial killer.” That was Dale Devon Scheanette, who was known as the “bathtub rapist” and was executed earlier this year.

In addition, we saw Chima and Russell’s newest fight on Tuesday, and two episodes worth of product placement for Jeremy Piven’s new movie. At least the actor livened things up when he came inside the house to offer his new movie as an advertisement and a reward. He joked about the house turning Kevin straight and said that the cast members were “nice kids” but that he “would go insane.” Clearly, he doesn’t watch the show to know that’s exactly what happens–and has happened–to everyone there.

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