Big Brother 11 house erupts in fights

Last night, the Big Brother 11 houseguests got into multiple fights, and maybe, finally, pulled this season out of its slump.

Russell and Michele, Chima and Russell, Kevin and Ronnie all battled, resulting in semi-violent confrontations between Kevin and Ronnie (Kevin apparently chest-bumped Ronnie, leaving everyone’s favorite weasel crying) and Chima and Russell (she threw water on him and he apparently seemed as though he was going to go after her). Big Brother Eleven Twittered the confrontations as they happened, and says everything was “sparked by Jessie’s lies to Russ and Russ’ lies to Chima all coming to a head.”

I won’t pretend to have any coherent idea of what happened, especially since, perhaps because Real is being obnoxiously more vigilant about forcing YouTube to remove videos from the live feeds, there aren’t yet videos of these confrontations. But BB Screens has images of Ronnie crying and Russell and Chima being restrained from one another. And the Big Brother Eleven’s blog recaps the night with all of its social drama.

Now we’ll just have to see how much of this makes it on TV Thursday or perhaps Sunday; since it occurred post-veto, it’s unlikely to appear tonight.

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