Chima and Russell staged their fight

Chima and Rusell’s dramatic Monday-night fight, which included Chima getting permission from the producers to throw water on Russell and coming close to physically attacking him while he screamed at her, was staged by both houseguests, although it certainly seemed genuine.

Feed watchers report that Chima even said, “I’m gonna throw water on you”; the planning can be seen on the replay of feed three from Aug. 1 at 2:30 a.m., according to Hamsterwatch. (Update: A reality blurred commenter has posted a detailed account of their discussions below.)

Tuesday’s episode–quick recap: Michele didn’t use the veto after winning the challenge, which was visually interesting and mildly humorous with its Greek references, but was still really about counting, again–seemed to set this up by introducing Chima’s discontent with Russell, but we’ll see how much makes it on to Thursday’s episode, when it has to air to fit into the timeline. How much screen time it gets probably depends upon who wins the coup d’etat and how the producers want to spin it. The editing hasn’t really presented an even case for any of the houseguests to receive it, but since they seem to love Ronnie, perhaps sympathy will result in him winning the power.

Anyway, the confrontation was ultimately started by Jessie (surprise), who got Russell concerned about what Chima was saying about him via Michele, and when he confronted the two women in the HOH room, Michele lied and then backtracked. For round one, Chima inserted herself into the fight and made it about her; later, she went into the back yard and threw water on Russell after getting the producers’ permission in the Diary Room. She did that when no one else was around, so you’d think they’d at least whisper something like “here we go”; but no, even the part that no one witnessed seemed real. Here’s that part:

When Russell came inside after she did that and confronted/taunted Chima, and while he was an asshole, saying Chima was only good for performing oral sex among other things, he fought masterfully, deflecting all of her attacks and getting aggressive without getting agitated. It was quite interesting to watch, especially considering that it was planned.

Meanwhile, Kevin confronted Ronnie on his lying, and got in his face, which Ronnie whined constituted a “chest bump.” Here’s that video, which starts with Chima saying about Russell, “Now you have a reason to be paranoid, paranoid motherfucker,” and then goes on to Lydia interjecting with an accusation about Ronnie praising Hitler, which here actually seems to be more about her not being able to grasp what he was saying and less about him saying something truly offensive, since she can’t quite explain it coherently.

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