Chima repeatedly calls Russell “a terrorist,” which he calls “a racial slur”

On Tuesday’s episode of Big Brother 11, Chima and Russell were shown fighting once again, and this time Chima repeatedly called Russell “a terrorist,” which she insisted was because he is “terrorizing everybody,” not because of his Lebanese descent, which Russell seemed to think was the case, since he called her “the true racist.”

Perhaps most interestingly, the producers chose to include this on television, but based on the editing, clearly sided with Chima’s usage of the term as being an acceptable adjective, rather than being “a racial slur,” as Russell said it was. However, they did at least include him saying that and that she “offended a whole culture.”

The fight started when Chima said, “You should have been on America’s top terrorist.” She added, “You’re a terrorist because you’re terrorizing everybody in the house,” and the editors seemed to agree, flashing back to all of his harassment of others, and obviously siding with Chima’s use of the term. She continued, “Watch this Russell: terrorist. You’ve been terrorizing the whole house. That makes you a terrorist.”

But Russell said Chima is “the true racist in the house” because she “offended a whole culture and a whole group of people. I’m glad everybody heard that.” He also said, “it is a racial slur,” although Natalie said, “She doesn’t mean it that way.”

Natalie was referring to the fact that Russell is apparently Lebanese, and took Chima’s comments as a connection of his Middle Eastern roots to terrorism. Russell’s CBS bio says only, “Russell has previously lived in Southern California and Lebanon,” but the “terrorist” reference began as a joke between Russell and Chima at one point, when Russell referenced his Lebanese heritage, according to feed watchers. Since then, though, Chima has called Russell a “terrorist” in a non-joking way, saying it in their earlier fight, and has said it before on the live feeds.

When this latest conflict happened on the live feeds, producers cut the feed mid-fight, and then returned to footage that wasn’t of the fight. (Aren’t you glad you paid for that?)

Besides broadcasting it, CBS also put that segment online, even titling it “America’s Top Terrorist,” because that’s so hysterically funny and cute:

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