Big Brother 10’s gay cowboy Steven Daigle posted a naked photo to get Twitter followers

Big Brother 10 cast member Steven Daigle, who CBS identified as “a champion bull rider in the gay rodeo circuit,” posted a naked picture of himself and linked to it via Twitter as a way to get additional Twitter followers.

Last week, he asked, “I am just 39 away from a thousand.. Do I have to get naked to get more followers?” He decided the answer was yes, posting updates such as, “Oh Crap, Only 12 more followers and I gotta get naked…” Wednesday evening, he posted, Ok, so it put it on Twitpic, I am certain I am going to ‘Immediately Regret this Decsion.'” Apparently, though, he didn’t regret it too much, as two days later, he wrote, “Well of coarse it got out.. If you were buggin about the naked pic it has been posted online, not by me. So just look for it!”

Twitpic apparently removed the photo, but Dudetube has archived Steven’s naked iPhone picture of himself, which includes full frontal nudity but cuts off mid-action. Scroll down, because the link also includes Jamie Foxx’s full-frontal picture.

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Daily Dudetube [Dudetube]

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