Kara DioGuardi officially returning for American Idol 9

Fox and 19 Entertainment have confirmed what unsourced reports previous suggested: Fourth American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi “will return as a judge on the ninth season,” which suggest another one-year contract, rather than a multi-year deal like Seacrest’s.

This will undoubtedly thrill her fans in addition topeople who like to use Kara as a target for the producers’ incompetence (blaming her for the overruns, for example) or just can’t wrap their heads around a female judge who doesn’t simply babble incoherently about contestants’ appearances. And when she does babble, at least it’s usually about the music.

In a press release, three show executives compliment her. Simon Fuller, the show’s creator, said, “She is a breath of fresh air, and her passion for music and her understanding of talent is invaluable. This show is all about discovering new talent, and Kara’s championing of Adam Lambert is proof positive of her great instinct.”

Executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz said, “Kara brings her own special style and sensibility to the show, which includes her innate talent to identify, nurture and direct a performer’s potential. We’re very pleased with her contributions as the fourth judge on the panel.”

And Fox’s Mike Darnell said, “Kara’s spitfire personality and sharp musical sensibility infused AMERICAN IDOL with a new energy last year. She clearly has a keen eye for talent spotting Adam Lambert’s superstar quality early on last season and her performance on the Season Eight finale was one of the most memorable in recent IDOL history.”

Grammy-Nominated Songwriter Kara DioGuardi to Return… [Fox press release]

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