Las Vegas-set Top Chef 6’s cast is older

This week, Bravo revealed the cast of Top Chef 6, which I will care about eventually–especially since the new season debuts on my birthday–but right now doesn’t matter because I’m focused on and addicted to Top Chef Masters.

Anyway, there are 17 chefs competing this season, just like the fifth season, but this cast is older: Four in their 20s, nine in their 30s, and four in their 40s. (Last season, there were eight in their 20s, seven in their 30s, and two in their 40s.)

Season six will be set in Las Vegas and judged by Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and Toby Young; it debuts Aug. 26, airing on Wednesdays but at an earlier hour: 9 p.m. ET.

Here’s the list according to Bravo’s press release; photos and bios are at

Ash Fulk, 29 Hometown: Pleasant Hill, Calif.; Resides in New York City
Ashley Merriman, 32 Center Sandwich, N.H.; Resides in Seattle, Wash.
Bryan Voltaggio, 33 Hometown: Frederick, Md.; Resides in Urbana, Md.
Eli Kirshtein, 25 Hometown/Resides in: Atlanta, Ga.
Eve Aronoff, 40 Hometown/Resides in: Ann Arbor, Mich.
Hector Santiago, 41 Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico; Resides in Atlanta, Ga.
Jennifer Carroll, 33 Hometown/Resides in: Philadelphia, Pa.
Jennifer Zavala, 31 Hometown: Cromwell, Conn.; Resides in Philadelphia, Pa.
Jesse Sandlin, 30 Hometown/Resides in: Baltimore, Md.
Kevin Gillespie, 26 Hometown/Resides in: Atlanta, Ga.
Laurine Wickett, 38 Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.; Resides in San Francisco, Calif.
Mattin Noblia, 29 Hometown: Biarritz, France; Resides in San Francisco, Calif.
Michael Isabella, 34 Hometown: Little Ferry, N.J.; Resides in Washington, D.C.
Michael Voltaggio, 30 Hometown: Frederick, Md.; Resides in Los Angeles, Calif.
Preeti Mistry, 33 Hometown/Resides in: San Francisco, Calif.
Robin Leventhal, 43 Hometown: Sun Valley, Idaho; Resides in Seattle, Wash.
Ron Duprat, 40 Hometown: Mare Rouge, Haiti; Resides in Hollywood, Fla. and Naples, Fla.

Bravo’s Top Chef Las Vegas premieres… [Bravo press release]

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