D.C. Real Worlders move in, get told to “go home”

The Real World D.C.–or will it be The Real World Washington, D.C.?–cast moved in Thursday, and already the cast members encountered some residents who aren’t thrilled by their presence.

Real World DC Watch has photos from above and cast member descriptions. While one woman made her way to the house, The Anti-Real World DC blog says “cameramen were literally shoving people out of the way to film her walking alone up the street,” and reports that someone on the street yelled at her, “20th and S is that way, now go home.”

In front of the Dupont Circle-area house, DCist has photos of the media and/or paparazzi and/or stalkers who showed up to greet them, and reports that “Security didn’t seem to mind us gawkers being there at all — no hassles, no questions, nada.” That was true even though “A guy sitting across the street at the Safeway shouted ‘GO HOME!’ several times as the pair of new arrivals walked along the opposite side of S Street with their accompanying TV crew” while “reporters countered with ‘Welcome to D.C.!’ and one even asked ‘Do you think you’ll be welcome here?’ to which the male cast member responded ‘I don’t think so…'”

Hey, at least they cast one smart person.

As to what the cast is doing now, you can follow their real-time movements via reports on Twitter: #RWWATCH and #RWDC cover the action, frequently with photos, like of the bright lights that blanket the house at night.

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