Real World D.C. crew harasses reporters, residents as cast named by obsessive stalking

The Real World DC cast just moved in on Thursday, and almost immediately, the crew fought back against the media and blogger attention, which is absolutely unparalleled as far as I can tell, at least in this point of the show. Other cities have followed or protested against the cast and crew, but in the age of Twitter and YouTube and a media-saturated city like DC, the coverage here is nearly non-stop.

If you care to follow that coverage and know where the cast members are or what they’re doing right now, follow RealWorldDCNEWZ is doing the best job of aggregating all of the stalking, on Twitter and elsewhere.

The stalking is getting weird (photos of the FedEx woman?, bloggers are interviewing each other), but also confrontational and meta, as a camera crew interrupted a CBS affiliate’s attempt to interview bloggers and others who were stalking the cast outside of the house–and then crew members asked everyone to sign releases, which of course they did.

In a video of that situation, below, DC CBS affiliate WUSA reporter Lindsey Mastis interviews Martin Mongillo, a relatively sympathetic DC resident who calls DC’s version the “best Real World ever” (two days in? really?) and a camera operator for the show gets in between Mongillo and Mastis, essentially ruining her shot. Mastis wrote on Twitter that “camera people got in front of my camera and tried to block me.”

In Mastis’ Friday evening news report, a female cast member can be overheard saying, “Yeah, I didn’t know people were going to be stalking me. That’s weird.” Um: You are on a television show where camera crews stalk you 24/7 while you live in the middle of one of the most media saturated cities in the world. At least we know which cast member is the dumb one.

Speaking of the cast members, the non-stop coverage has led their identities being revealed just days into production. The names identified by various people are Andrew, Ashley, Callie, Emily, Erika Lauren, Josh “Jones” Colon, Mike, and Ty. Vevmo has pictures with the names and some details, like that Josh is from Philadelphia and is in a band called Whiskey Livin’.

Finally, not everyone has been received so warmly; an anonymous report on the Anti-Real World DC blog says “an area resident who had a bad, to put it mildly, experience with Real World DC security” who pretended to be park police and “made a homophobic comment.”

Here’s the video of the crew member–wearing a black t-shirt with the Apple logo–interrupting the CBS affiliate’s interview:

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