Wes won’t appear on The Men Tell All reunion

The Bachelorette 5‘s the Men Tell All airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET, but not all the men will tell all, as ABC did not include the season’s biggest critic, Wes Hayden. He has accused the show of fictionalizing his character and has faced real-world repercussions for his behavior on the show, but now says he was uninvited from appearing on the two-hour reunion because of his accusations.

Wes told the Austin-American Statesman that, at first, “I told them that I wasn’t going to come on the show. I didn’t trust how they were going to edit me,” but changed his mind when he saw his final episode. He said producers “were kind of abrasive — were ‘Oh, so now you want to come on the show?’ They were pretty rude. I said, ‘I’ve got to defend myself.”

Wes claims producers’ “exact words to me were ‘You can’t come on the show and say the things you have been saying on all these other interviews,’ basically the truth. And I said, ‘You mean I can’t come on the show and defend myself?” He said they told his manager on July 10, the day before the reunion taped, “Look, we don’t think it’s a good idea that Wes come.”

Whatever you think of Wes’ accusations and claims, censoring him doesn’t do anything except give his claims credibility, and make him look even more like the victim he says he is. Then again, maybe this is all part of his lying: A People interview with Chris Harrison that previews the reunion suggests Wes just didn’t show up, “which didn’t exactly surprise Harrison,” the magazine said.

Either way, ABC should have bent over backwards to let him should let him show up and say his piece. If he declined the invitation, show proof, because otherwise any discussion of him seems like they’re beating up on someone who can’t defend himself.

If he was allowed to attend and repeated his accusations, let the other men, or Chris Harrison, challenge him and say he’s full of shit. Better, show the full, unedited video of his limo exit interview to prove that it wasn’t edited out of context. But keeping him away just makes him seem like the producers and network have something to hide.

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