Wes Hayden finally dumped from Bachelorette 5 after admitting he has a girlfriend

Bachelorette 5 villain/self-promoting whore/cheater Wes Hayden was finally sent home by Jillian Harris during last night’s episode, and before he left, he admitted what eliminated bachelor Jake claimed all along: he had a girlfriend back home.

Previously, Wes adamantly denied dating a woman named Laurel, who has also denied still being with Wes, who’s her ex. When Jillian confronted him last week, Wes said, “that’s crazy.” She kept him around despite the accusation, which horrified many viewers.

But this week Wes slipped up and admitted it: first while trying to lie, and then finally telling the truth to the camera after his elimination. First, he said to Jillian, “My girlfriend–I mean, ex-girlfriend.” Watch him try to lie, stumble into the truth, and then attempt to recover (all while he subconsciously gives Jillian the middle finger):

In the car after being eliminated, Wes was apparently on a mission to get viewers to hate him even more, because that’s what will motivate them to buy his music. He bragged, “First guy ever on the Bachelorette to make it to the top four with a girlfriend,” and then he launched into some self-promotion, which transitions into something that sounds like he’s going to try to hook up with women in Spain because he calls himself a “a free man” after saying he’s “cuttin’ off the chains,” which doesn’t exactly go along with the whole girlfriend thing. Then again, he may just be referring to being free of the cameras.

Whatever he’s talking about, the whole clip pretty much exemplifies why he’s such an ass:

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