Judge says Hatch can’t do Survivor 20

Unsurprisingly, a judge has denied Richard Hatch’s request to participate in the 20th, all-star season of Survivor.

“Judge William E. Smith on Friday issued an order denying the travel request of Hatch, who is serving the final months of his sentence for tax evasion in home confinement,” and also”denied his request that his motion, filed last Tuesday, be sealed because of the confidentiality of the TV show’s schedule,” The Providence Journal reports. In April, the same judge denied Richard’s request to go to Argentina, so this wasn’t unexpected.

Tragically, had the show not been filming its 19th and 20th seasons back-to-back to save money, it’s likely Hatch would have been able to participate, as he was initially scheduled to be released from prison Oct. 7, and the spring seasons typically start production around Halloween. (It’s not clear when his home confinement ends, though.)

In a related story, the Associated Press’ reporter included this sentence in their report: “A public telephone listing for Hatch could not immediately be found.” No kidding?

Judge: Hatch can’t travel to Survivor 10-year reunion [Providence Journal]
Judge says Hatch can’t travel for ‘Survivor’ [AP]

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