Is SYTYCD’s Ade Obayomi naked on Guys with iPhones?

Two So You Think You Can Dance contestants have apparently exposed themselves via their iPhones. Photos resembling Jonathan Platero and Ade Obayomi were posted to Guys with iPhones, Fleshbot discovered this week.

The photos that appear to be Ade show the man in his tight underwear, naked from behind, and naked with his hand covering most of his penis. Jonathan just shows off his bare chest, and really, it’s not at all a big deal, considering he has similar photos on his public MySpace page.

Thus, the alleged Ade photos are the most scandalous, because contestants on the Fox show have long shown skin both on the show and off–there were paparazzi photos of Danny Tidwell and Neil Haskell working out shirtless, for example.

Are The “So You Think You Can Dance” Contestants Posting Pictures On Guys With iPhones? [Fleshbot]

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