Today is reality blurred’s ninth anniversary

Today is July 9, 2009, and it also happens to be reality blurred‘s ninth anniversary–and this is the 9,387th post. (If I’d been less lazy and just posted 612 more times, that would have been pretty amazing.)

What started nine years ago as just me sitting in front of a computer bitching about reality television has evolved into–um, me sitting in front of a computer bitching about reality television. But back then I was 22, so clearly I’m a lot grumpier now. I appreciate everyone from those of you who have been around since the beginning to the ones who’ve made this site part of your lives since then.

It’s celebration enough that Big Brother 11 debuts tonight, and while it’s kind of half-assed to have a pseudo-party a week late, that’s what I’ll be doing: In part to celebrate this milestone and kick off year 10, we’ll have another live blogging/chat event at 11:45 p.m. ET next Thursday, July 16.

Why so late? That’s 15 minutes before the debut of Andy Cohen’s midnight and sure-to-be-awesome chat show on Bravo. After that half-hour of mocking concludes, we’ll stay up to watch Big Brother After Dark and/or the live feeds, at least until I get bored and/or fall asleep. I hope you’ll grab a cocktail, your computer, and your television, or some combination thereof, and join in. More next Thursday, but mark your calendars now. No excuses.

And thanks for reading reality blurred for these nine years.

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