Great American Road Trip moved to Mondays after debuting with low ratings

NBC’s Great American Road Trip debuted Tuesday night, and already the network is moving it away from its highly rated golden child America’s Got Talent, dumping the new reality show on Mondays at 8 p.m.

The premiere of the new series was watched by 4.657 million people, more than the 4.198 who watched ABC’s crap The Superstars, which is definitely the inferior series. But an hour later, 10.434 million tuned in to America’s Got Talent, according to TV By the Numbers.

Great American Road Trip, which features families traveling across the country in RVs while making stops to compete in challenges, made me nostalgic for the amazing USA series The Real Cannonball Run 2001, and even The Amazing Race‘s tragic family season, because at least that had stuff to make fun of, in addition to TAR’s production values and Phil. And of course, it borrows most heavily from the original seasons of Road Rules, before they turned into Real World-style stupidity fests. NBC’s new show isn’t terrible, but it just fumbles a format that’s been done before–and better.

NBC’s Tops With Talent, But Road Trip Goes Nowhere [TV By the Numbers]

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