Bear Grylls will “lead crusade” at evangelical Alpha conference

Man vs. Wild star is using his celebrity to try to save people in a different way than he does on his show, appearing in October at an evangelical conference where he will “lead [a] crusade.”

In a press release, Alpha USA says “fans will have a rare opportunity to see Grylls in person when he travels to Central Florida to take on some of the toughest questions life has to offer” as he “will be a featured presenter at The 2009 National Alpha Conference, October 20-21,” which “will bring together 3,000 individuals from churches across America who share the vision to reach their communities with the good news of Jesus Christ via The Alpha Course.”

The press release notes that “Pastor Rick Warren … calls The Alpha Course ‘one of the most effective evangelism tools for the 21st century'” and a program that “is free and open to everyone. No question is out of bounds, and participants are free to say as much or as little as they wish as they make up their own minds about the teachings of Jesus.”

In this video advertisement for the organization that emulates his reality series, he uses a modified bible to signal a helicopter and says things like, “faith, like fire, is not always easy,” and “when you’ve got a chance to be saved, you’ve gotta grab it”:

“Man Vs. Wild” Star Set to Lead Crusade in Orlando This Fall [Alpha press release]

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