Sanjaya and Holly Montag are not dating

About the only interesting thing to come out of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here was the relationship between Sanjaya Malakar and Holly Montag, sister of the half of the two-headed demon that menaced the show for a while. But despite some apparent flirting on TV, their relationship is just a friendship, Holly says.

“We are not dating but just very close. … I was shocked because we were such close friends, and I had no idea that anyone else thought there was anything romantic going on. People in camp joked about it, but we knew it was a joke so it was funny to us,” Holly told Us Weekly this past weekend. “We will continue our friendship forever. Sanjaya came out to visit me last week!”

Holly Montag on Sanjaya: “We Are Not Dating” [Us Weekly]

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