Ex-Marine challenges Gordon Ramsay to a fight, gets taken down by the show’s set

Last week’s two-hour Hell’s Kitchen 6 premiere ended with former marine Joseph charging Gordon Ramsay and challenging him to a fight. The dramatic conclusion aired at the start of last night’s episode, and was, of course, nowhere near as exciting as the deceptively edited preview suggested it might have been. However, it was unexpectedly hilarious.

After refusing to answer Ramsay’s questions, which led to Ramsay insulting him, Joseph said, “Want to talk some shit? Let’s step outside.” Throwing his jacket to the ground, because real men strip before they fight, he charged up to Ramsay and crew members dressed in black appeared, standing to the side but between the two men as Ramsay said, “Do you think I’m scared?” He might not have been, but it’s a lot easier to say that with two or three burly men ready to back you up.

Joseph eventually exited, giving the other contestants a reprieve from their incompetence, and between puffs on a cigarette, said during his exit interview, “I don’t need this shit. I don’t need some limey fucking prick talking to me like that. … Anybody would fucking hire me to work in their kitchen, and they’d be proud to have me there.” Because who wouldn’t be proud of an employee so unstable they’d threaten others to a fight? Maybe he’ll find work where his skills are most useful, like in an elementary school cafeteria, where he can use his culinary skills to offer teaching moments: “You want some fucking mashed potatoes? How ’bout we step outside and I fucking mash your face in, you ungrateful little prick?”

The best part of the confrontation came when Joseph walked away from Ramsay and unleashed a torrent of profanity–“Fuck you. Fuck you. You ain’t nothing but a bitch. Fuck you, you fucking bitch. Fuck all of you all”–while holding up his middle fingers. Then the show’s set got into the action and gave him his comeuppance. Watch below to see it; I’m just sad there wasn’t a slow-motion replay or three, even though it wasn’t anywhere near as dramatic as what we see on Wipeout:

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