Deadliest Catch had its highest-rated season yet

When I initially started watching Deadliest Catch, I couldn’t imagine that watching crab pots coming over the side of a boat could sustain an entire season, never mind five. But once I discovered that there was a lot more to the series, I was quickly hooked, and the series keeps getting better and better, concluding its fifth season with two super-dramatic and actually real episodes in a row.

Its fifth-season finale on Tuesday was the highest-rated show on cable, with more than 3.5 million viewers, and overall viewers grew by 12 percent over last season, with even greater increases among specific demographics.

Overall, this was “a ratings record breaking season” among all viewers 25 to 54, 18 to 49, and men 18 to 34. according to a Discovery press release. It grew by 10 percent among people 25 to 54 and 13 percent among men 25 to 54.

A Fantastic Finish… [Discovery press release]

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