Ronnie holes up after the BB11 house confronts him over his duplicity

Ronnie’s arrogant and reckless game play finally caught up with him on Big Brother 11 last night, and literally the entire house turned on him, something I can’t remember seeing in 11 seasons of this show, although perhaps that’s been excised as part of my post-season cleansing lobotomy ritual.

At one point, all the houseguests came inside in one big group to confront Ronnie, who was standing at the railing upstairs. It was pretty dramatic and satisfying to watch, especially after he holed himself up for more than two days, eating just junk food. Of course, that’s when he had to start crying.

Ronnie told Julie Chen that his lock-in was “to generate sympathy” and said that “five of the people in this house are on my side,” which is something that the live feed watchers confirmed, so it’s unlikely he’ll be evicted any time soon, unless he starts playing even more stupidly, which is a strong possibility.

Meanwhile, Russell and his frightening mustache bullied Ronnie, literally trailing him around the house, saying, “I’m going to torture him all day long.” That seemed at once more innocuous and more sinister than Dick Donato’s harassment of other houseguests. I’m not quite sure what the hell Russell’s point was, since he must be smart enough to realize that would start to backfire on him, because the mood swings in the house constantly. Natalie quickly said his behavior was “just not right.”

As to the live show, Jessie became HOH again (sigh) after Laura was evicted, which was not surprising, because she was smart enough to uncover Ronnie’s duplicity. And how could anyone vote to evict the person who argued, “I didn’t fly all the way from from Charlotte to here not to be here,” as Jordan did?

In his pre-taped goodbye message to Laura, Ronnie said, “Laura, Laura, Laura. You quite possibly have the worst case of diarrhea of the mouth I’ve ever seen.” Well, isn’t that the wet fecal matter calling the poop watery?

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