Jessie and Lydia make out; Michele comes out as bisexual

Some minor developments in the Big Brother 11 house yesterday: Lydia and Jessie apparently made out in a blanket fort, while scientist Michele came out as bisexual.

Michele’s coming out during a conversation is notable because the first episode included her having a conversation about how people in high school said she was a lesbian, and either she or the editors played it off as if that was a ridiculous assumption. She is presently married to a man.

During a poolside conversation, when Ronnie repeated his comments about being called gay in high school–Jordan hysterically says “I remember you saying that,” as in, stop telling the same story–Lydia says she didn’t come out or realize she was bi until later because of others’ negative responses to the idea. “Later on in my life, I started, you know, exploring my sexuality and stuff. I consider myself bisexual, but … at the time, I wasn’t going around doing anything,” she said. “At that time, then, I was just, oh, so people doing’ like that, so I was really scared of it and sort of almost homophobic when I got older.”

That makes three confirmed non-heterosexual houseguests: Kevin, Lydia, and Michele.

Speaking of Lydia, she proved that her flirting with Jessie wasn’t all just for strategy, as she apparently made out with him in the HOH bedroom. In the first segment, before Jessie takes a blanket and makes a tent to block the cameras’ view, there’s all kinds of great stuff with him being super-smooth and suave, like when he says, “Why are you wearing that sweatshirt?” and Lydia replies, “Fine, I’ll take it off.” Romantic! Earlier, Jessie–who’s just in boxer briefs–says, “Maybe I should just put pants on?” and Lydia asks, “Why?” Trying harder, Jessie says, “When you came up and hugged me that one day, your heart was pounding.” “I just think you’re scared.”

It works, though, as Lydia says, “I’m nervous, because you make me blush … because you’re handsome and fun and rad.” Earlier, she said, “I kind of like making out in tents, I guess.” Eventually, they stop talking, and there are three, more, videos featuring heavy breathing, bed squeaking, making out noises, and sounds coming from Jessie I am absolutely not going to sit and listen to, so feel free to report back in the comments if there’s something I’m missing.

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