Twitterers, finalists want American Idol to keep Paula Abdul

In the wake of Paula Abdul’s manager’s announcement/threat that she would not return for season nine, fans and American Idol contestants took to Twitter to express their love for the wacky judge.

As of this morning, there’s a constant stream of #KeepPaula tweets, many that are just as babble-filled and incoherent as Paula herself. For example: “Is about to go and make COOKIESSS or brownies or something… YUM! #KeepPaula” and “#KeepPaula i think my mother isnt going to work today. grrrrr lol anyways…#KeepPaula #KeepPaula #KeepPaula #KeepPaula #KeepPaula”

On Saturday, tagging posts with #KeepPaula–clearly, people are doing it even to posts unrelated to the judge herself–“made it to the No. 2 slot on Twitter’s much-contested trending topics list — falling behind only people twittering their support for Indonesia in the aftermath of this week’s terror attacks,” the Los Angeles Times reports. The paper also gathers Twitter reactions from touring season eight finalists and others, such as former series producer Nigel Lythgoe, who says producers “would be crazy to let her go.”

As to Paula herself, she wrote, “I’m actually moved 2 tears upon reading the enormous amount of tweets showing me your kindness, love,&undying support. God bless all of you!” and added, “If it weren’t for you, this specific time and situation would feel a whole lot worse! xo. And then she went crazy thanking individual fans.

Idol Tracker: What you’re watching [Los Angeles Times]

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