Stripping She’s Got the Look model Laurie says God told her to take off her clothes

TV Land’s She’s Got the Look, now in its second season and hosted by Kim Alexis, is pretty much America’s Next Top Model for women over the age of 35. But it hasn’t really had a batshit crazy break-out moment until last week’s episode, when a 42-year-old contestant stripped down during judging.

At the elimination last week, after jogging in place, Laurie–a 42-year-old model whose nicknames are Sunshine, Petunia and Mary Poppins–started taking off her clothes, and asked the judges, “Can I fit in the box? Can I show you how vulnerable I can be?” (The scene is below, and TV Land has bonus footage on its web site from before the elimination when Laurie fought with another contestant.)

Beneath the craziness, she actually seemed to be making some kind of point about what the judges wanted, and that’s true with her explanation about her behavior, although she now says that she stripped because God told her to.

In a video interview posted to YouTube (the source/interviewer isn’t clear), she says, “So I prayed to God and I asked for an answer, and God said, ‘Laurie, be transparent,’ and I said, okay.” She also says that she couldn’t find another way to exit the competition. “How else do you get off a reality show?” she said. “What did I have to do to get off? I said, ‘Let me go home.’ They said, ‘No.'”

Also in the interview, Laurie said, “The media finds me; I don’t know how. I don’t look for it, but the media finds it.”

I’m not entirely sure, but I’d guess flipping out and stripping on a reality show is a good way to ensure the media finds you. Here’s her original meltdown:

Model Laurie Explains Why She Stripped… and …Laurie’s Meltdown [YouTube]

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