D.C. residents already annoyed by Real World

The Real World Washington, D.C.–or will it be?–has was officially announced last week, and within days, residents started reacting, and it appears to be mostly negative.

The Washington Post’s Lisa de Moraes reports that at a meeting last week with “mayor’s office representative Andrew Huff, D.C. film office director Kathy Hollinger and D.C. police Acting Lt. John McDonald,” residents learned that “four to six precious metered parking spaces will go to ‘Real World’ crew,” “[a]nd police officers are about to receive noise dosimeter training to prepare for possible violations, though McDonald told [The Washington Post] it’s not specifically because of the ‘Real World’ house moving in.” As de Moraes writes: “Uh-huh.”

She also notes that ANC Commissioner Jack Jacobson said that the show “comes with a certain amount of heartache and heartburn, but it’s a little bit of Hollywood right in our back yard.”

Some people in the show’s back yard don’t share that sunny optimism. The Anti-Real World DC blog is exactly what it sounds like, and before the aforementioned meeting, its writer explained, “I want to remind my city officials that this is Washington, D.C. This is the most powerful city in the Western World and we don’t need MTV’s exposure. Our city is better than that…we deserve to be treated better than that. I mean come on Fenty, it’s MTV not the fucking International Olympic Committee. For them I’d bend over and take it.”

Naturally, a Pro Real World DC blog was also created, and was accused of being written by a ringer for Bunin-Murray, the show’s producers, or MTV. But its anonymous writer insists, “I have absolutely nothing to do with MTV,” and added, “I think the disruption will be quite minimal, and it will bring good publicity to the area. I am at least willing to wait and see…”

Residents and others can see on The Washingtonian’s Real World map, which it created to stalk/report on the cast and crew of the show.

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