Real World DC confirmed as house located

MTV has officially confirmed Washington, D.C., as the location of The Real World‘s 23rd season. That became obvious late last month when the production company posted job notices seeking PAs. It tapes this summer and airs next year.

The show’s house has been identified and photographed extensively: it’s at 2000 S Street NW, which is at the corner of 20th and S Streets NW and is centrally located near Dupont Circle and perfect for stalking the cast as they stumble home. Vevmo has photos and video of the exterior, and someone uploaded photos of the house’s interior to Picasa.

In a laughably naive quote in MTV’s press release, executive producer and creator Jon Murray said, “Young people have never been more engaged in what’s happening in this country and Washington, D.C., is the perfect place for The Real World’ cast to express their opinions and pursue their passions.” How much do you want to bet their passions have nothing to do with any part of the city other than its bars and STD clinics?

The city’s mayor, Adrian M. Fenty, said in the press release, “In a time when our country has witnessed the impact and spirit of our nation’s young people, it is a pleasure to welcome MTV and The Real World’ cast to the District of Columbia as they utilize the immense opportunities that the District’s backdrop will undoubtedly provide.” Clearly, he’s never seen the show.

Expect the Unexpected… [MTV press release]

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