More table-flipping footage from New Jersey Housewives finale will air during Thursday special

Last night’s dramatic finale to The Real Housewives of New Jersey–the first six-episode season flew by–isn’t quite over yet, as Bravo will air an extended version of the climactic scene. After Danielle put the book that exposed her past on the dinner table at Teresa’s party, Teresa confronted her, screaming “prostitution whore,” flipping out and flipping the table (watch it below). The special airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

Andy Cohen told the Los Angeles Times that the special is airing because the scene was “so good that we’re making kind of a director’s cut of that meal. So we’re going to do an hour which is ‘The Last Supper: The Extended Version,’ which I think the fans are going to love.”

In not-as-exciting news, the Andy Cohen-hosted reunion airs Tuesday, and he told the paper, “we’re going to do two parts of the reunion.” That’s only acceptable if Teresa flips a table over and it blocks the view of Andy Cohen.

Bravo doing remix of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ table-flipping [Los Angeles Times]

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