Lauren says Spencer’s apology phone call on The Hills was faked

Lauren Conrad admitted that a key scene in a recent episode of The Hills was faked, an indirectly acknowledge how completely scripted the MTV “reality” show actually is. Specifically, Lauren said Spencer never apologized to her for spreading the sex tape rumor because his phone call to her was faked on both ends.

When asked by Elisabeth Hasselbeck about Spencer’s apology, Lauren said, “Um, I mean,” and then paused for about a half-hour of TV time, apparently thinking she has to insert dramatic pauses into her real life just like on the show. She then continued: “To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t on the other line of that call. That was filmed and I wasn’t on the other end. So I didn’t even know about until…” Lauren didn’t finish the sentence, but the implication is she found out watching the episode.

The women of The View say things like “staged,” and Lauren sits passively, until she says, “So no, I didn’t get an apology, he lied.” Sherri Shepherd then asks the obvious question: Why did she go to the wedding if he didn’t apologize? “I felt like it was a few hours of my time … and I might someday regret not doing it,” she said.

Lauren was on The View to promote her new novel L.A. Candy, which is, of course, a fictional story about a woman who appears on a reality series and starts with this gem of a sentence: “Jane Roberts leaned against her dresser, studying the way her white silk nightie looked against her sun-kissed skin.” Lauren explained that she wrote the book because “there was this whole other story taking place off camera, and a lot of times, it almost seemed, in our world, to upstage our on-camera lives, and I thought it’d be interesting to tell the story that happens behind a reality show.”

Yes, that would be very interesting, and you could do that really well in something called non-fiction. It’s a genre in which the content is true and actually happened.

Here’s the whole View interview, on which Lauren also discusses things like body image; the damning question and answer come first:

Lauren Conrad on Spencer Pratt: “He’s lying.” and Lauren Conrad on Heidi & Spencer [The View]

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