Adam Lambert, Stephen Fishbach, JT Thomas among People’s hottest bachelors

People has released its collection of America’s hottest bachelors, and surprise, they’re all celebrities, because we all know you’re not hot unless you’re famous. But although Chace Crawford is on the cover, likely because opening the magazine to see his own photograph would present a formidable challenge for him, the inside includes a handful of reality stars to represent real people.

Brody Jenner and Bret Michaels are featured, but they have celebrity outside of their reality show appearances, and are both gross. The non-gross, more-real entrants are surprisingly gay American Idol 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, not gay Survivor Tocantins runner-up Stephen Fishbach, and Survivor Tocantins winner JT Thomas. No offense to Stephen or JT or Adam, but I think People just couldn’t bother to look past, oh, one week in May to find reality stars to include in their list.

JT and Stephen are together in the “bromance” section, photographed as if they were Gilligan and the Skipper–and that Gilligan’s Island/Survivor comparison is just so witty! In a brief interview, the two men talk about their friendship (JT: “My parents and his parents have become very good friends”), visiting one another, and vacationing together (Stephen: “I’m anxious to take him to Europe”).

That’s all very nice, but perhaps not the best single bachelor personal ad ever.

Hottest Bachelors 2009 [People]

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