SYTYCD working on all-Michael Jackson tribute with Paula Abdul choreographing a dance

Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance may feature an all-Michael Jackson tribute show next week that may include a dance choreographed by Paula Abdul, according to a conversation, sort of, between SYTYCD judge Nigel Lythgoe and the American Idol judge.

The initial discussion started with Nigel asking Paula, “Will you choreograph an MJ tribute for us this week?” He then asked his followers to “use Twitter-Power” and “Ask @PaulaAbdul to choreograph a Michael Jackson tribute on SYTYCD.” Paula, who was hanging out at the Idol tour rehearsals, responded to Nigel with this: “Have your people call my people Nigel and let’s do it! lol.” She hasn’t written anything about it since, but did post about the fact that “danny gokey and matt g. can really pole dance.”

Nigel, however, later updated his followers on plans for the tribute, first writing, “Mia has chosen the song she likes, we’ve spoken to Wade. I’ve left messages for Paula. I’ve spoken to Shane. We have to make this happen!!?”

But he said that producers were having problems getting the rights to Michael Jackson’s music. “There is a problem clearing Michael’s music at the moment. We are trying to make contact with Sony to get clearance on an all Michael SYTYCD,” he wrote yesterday morning.

His last update on the tribute stressed that this wouldn’t be happening on Wednesday’s episode: “Don’t get carried away everyone. It won’t be the NEXT show these things take time to organize, clear and choreograph. I’ll keep you posted.”

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