A month of comments: from insightful reflections to poop metaphors

One month ago tonight, I stayed up all night to launch reality blurred‘s new design and give the world the ability to comment. The control freak in me has been convinced that was the right choice thanks to a month’s worth of insightful, funny, and fantastically smart and astute comments, and included everything from an appearance by a famous blogger to the blatant appropriation of one of my favorite adjectives.

Starting with the very first comment on the redesign announcement to a series of good suggestions that I do a best/worst list (I will, but in a year, on the 10th anniversary of the site and reality TV, which gives me 12 months to think of ideas so I don’t open myself up to the same criticism I dished out), it’s been great to hear from you, even when you all violently revolted against my opinion about a show. Okay, it was very well-argued disagreement.

So, I thought it’d be fun to recognize some of your contributions, but please don’t feel rejected if you’re not linked or quoted here. Just try harder next month. Seriously–and I am not just saying this–pretty much every comment that’s appeared on the site has made a solid contribution and been worth reading, and not just because the batshit crazy posts from anonymous trolls never appeared thanks to Disqus’ awesome technology. I appreciate every one.

For starters, there were some bad-ass metaphors, from the always-amusing Jay Converse comparing Jeff Probst to a bathtub drain plug to Graham observing that Stephen Baldwin’s river baptism of Spencer Pratt was “like chocolate dipping a turd.”

There were lots of witty responses to what came across our television sets, such as Kelly Rowles noting that Bravo’s Fashion Show was producing unwearable “scary stuff”, Jay’s decision to deal with Heidi and Spencer’s successful famewhoring by having a good cry, Russ Morgan’s realization that he had to “sit down and take a long hard look at the direction my life was taking” after watching 1.5 episodes of I’m a Celebrity, and AlannahRose calling Gene Simmons “a creepy egomaniac.”

As much as I love all the snark and humor, there was some good stuff to think about, like Tim Regees’ plea to Hollywood to “please remove the words “Real woman” and “Curvy” and replace them, Michael Broder’s not-quite-rhetorical question about unstable people on reality shows, and Cheryl Pledge Kardell’s comment that Jon Gosselin’s “screwing around on [his] wife hurts [his] family.”

The topic that generated the most serious conversation was the implosion of Jon and Kate’s marriage on Jon & Kate Plus Eight, from Melissa Sullivan noting that Kate “never raised [the kids] by [herself]” to Smith Getterman being “creeped…out the kids were being used as walking commercials” to Laura Whalen admonishing TLC for continuing with the series.

Finally, some posts managed to be funny, astute, and succinct all at once, but mostly just made me laugh, like Brian Lipinski’s observation that his soon-to-be Real World neighbors will “probably go down to Georgetown to party, because it sucks down there and so does the show.”

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