TLC president: Jon & Kate cancellation “not in anyone’s mind”; will Deanna Hummel appear?

Despite its six-week hiatus, Jon & Kate Plus Eight isn’t going to be cancelled, nor will its name be changed to one of the super-clever names that people have been throwing around recently, like Jon & Kate, Separated (or is that Separ8ted?).

TLC president Eileen O’Neill, who originally found the Gosselins when she was at Discovery Health (specials that aired there became the TLC series), told the New York Times that cancellation is “not in anyone’s mind.” When the show comes back, she said, “We anticipate that the focus will remain on the parent-child relationship.”

Of course, the lack of focus on the parent-child relationship is what gave the network its highest ratings ever on Monday, leading the show to be the highest-rated program on any channel.

O’Neill also told the paper that cameras didn’t capture Jon and Kate telling the kids about the divorce, because “We did not document family conversations. As they’ve said all along, certain matters are private, and we’ve respected that.” And she also said that she does feel connected to the family her network is capitalizing on. “You can’t help but become invested in people that you’ve worked with for several years,” she said, adding that the Gosselins are “wonderful children and really smart parents.”

Meanwhile, there was a temporary freak-out yesterday after the AP reported that Jon and Kate lived apart for two years. As it turns out, someone misread the divorce filings, and the AP corrected its story, reporting later that “Lawyers for the couple said it contains boilerplate language common to all no-fault divorce petitions filed in Pennsylvania,”

In a loaded statement to the media, Kate said, “Over the course of this weekend, Jon’s activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children. While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between Jon and myself. As always, my first priority remains our children.”

In his own statement, Jon said, “To be honest, I was hurt by Kate’s statement about the divorce. I have always done everything I can to protect our family. This weekend, I was home with the kids for four days, just being a dad. No nannies, just the kids and me.”

Speaking of Jon, The New York Daily News’ gossip column says that Deanna Hummel, the woman who insisted she’s “just friends” with Jon, will be on the show. An anonymous “insider” says, “Deanna’s role isn’t expected to be big, but because she’s part of Jon’s life, she’ll be filmed.”

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