Paris Hilton will produce BFF shows around the world

Good news: Paris Hilton has left the U.S. Bad news: She’s becoming some kind of reality television global ambassador by creating local versions of her show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF in multiple countries, continuing now with a season being filmed in Dubai.

The second season of the U.S. version is currently airing, and a U.K. version aired earlier this year. Now, The AP reports that producers’ “plan is to build ‘My New BFF’ into a global franchise, with Hilton searching for BFFs around the world.” While contestants in the past “drank alcohol and used foul language,” “producers said [that behavior] will not be allowed in Dubai,” according to the AP.

Paris said the Dubai version, which will have female contestants only, would be culturally sensitive, or at least she said her version of that: “I wanted to know everything about this place first because I wanted to make sure everything was OK. I just want to respect everyone here,” she said at a press conference, according to The National. “I expect to learn a lot here; it’s a completely different world.”

Paris “promised to dress more conservatively in Dubai than she does in Los Angeles,” The National reported. “I love the way the women dress here. It’s a lot more conservative and elegant than Hollywood. I’m excited about trying new fashion. The women here are so beautiful. I can learn a lot from these girls,” she said. Hopefully, that includes not showing her vagina in public while she’s there.

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