Holly returns, leaves as an equal number of I’m a Celebrity cast members have quit and been voted out

Just when I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here 2 couldn’t get any stupider, another celebrity quit, which means that with two days to go, an equal number of celebrities have quit as have been voted out. Joining Heidi, Spencer, and Frances as a quitter was Stephen Baldwin, who left because he said he was fatigued and didn’t want to be there (lame, although he’s claiming it was a medical emergency), and the cast chose to bring back Holly Montag instead of Janice Dickinson (great).

But then Holly left after losing a challenge instead being voted out, because this show makes no sense, or because no one’s voting. Earlier, Torrie Wilson pointed out that letting someone who’s been sleeping in a hotel is “really unfair to us,” but she apparently has no idea what show she’s on, because actual rules don’t seem to matter. We’re supposed to vote to keep three and lose two tomorrow night, but I don’t want to waste the electricity required to recharge my phone whatever amount would be depleted by calling.

Perhaps because I was delirious after sitting through nearly two hours, I was actually rooting for Holly instead of John Salley (who whined that his height affected his ability to drink gross beverages quickly). But that’s because Holly and Sanjaya’s relationship was the only actually intriguingly real things on the show. “Sanjolly’s back,” Sanjaya said, dorkily, when his friend/crush Holly returned. They definitely need their own reality series.

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