Heidi, Spencer leave I’m a Celebrity after now denying torture claims

Heidi and Spencer Pratt have left I’m a Celebrity 2 for good, they revealed at the end of Monday’s episode. And through their rep, they also denied their claims they were tortured before Heidi went to the hospital because of an ulcer. That’s despite Spencer’s sister’s claims to the contrary, and contradicts what TMZ says Spencer told them. In other words, someone or some couple is in major damage control mode.

At the end of the episode Monday, Spencer said, “We gave it our all that we can, but it’s about health. … We went back in and we proved to ourselves that it wasn’t about us. It was a life-changing experience.” That’s according to The Orlando Sentinel’s Hal Boedecker, who suffered through the episode to report that “Illness forced Heidi Montag Pratt of ‘The Hills’ from the NBC reality series. Doctors learned she has a gastric ulcer. … Spencer Pratt, who is also a ‘Hills’ star, announced their departure at the end of a very long two-hour episode last night. It was a chore to try to sit through it.”

Even better, all of this drama didn’t really do much for the ratings, which dropped further.

Meanwhile, in a statement reproduced by People, their representative said they never claimed they were tortured, even though they pretty much did: “Many of these reports are false and inaccurate, including any reports of ‘torture’ on the show. What we can say at this time is that Heidi went to a hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica, Saturday evening because she was not feeling well. She has been released from the hospital and is doing well. The couple remains in Costa Rica. In addition, it was reported the Pratts have fired their legal counsel. This is inaccurate.”

Holly Montag will likely join the show tonight, and I will likely remain grateful I am not being forced to sit through all of this because I’m in a faraway land until mid-week next week.

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